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Renaissance dental  great tell us again real quick how we contact you or how we would reach out to you Jim how would renaissance dental someone reach out to you .

renaissance dental
renaissance dental
  • They wanted to work with you so our Facebook page is perfect really we’ve got a Facebook page doctors disability specialists so if .
  • You find us on Facebook that’s probably three drop that into the lied there for people listening I’ve got.
  • A lot of great questions if anyone on Facebook has a few we have a few minutes that they want to ask questions fire will feed them over to me
  • They don’t like to and you can also drop questions in there you guys can check in on them later in .

The day if people are out there root canal and right now someone might be root canal right now they can’t can’t see is Tyler how do we reach out to you again same thing just a Facebook page or a private message on my personal page or my email is Tyler talk to Stefano hello any final .

Thoughts final University ESPN show just any final thoughts final words on disability insurance that you’d want to say hey you’re looking out there at a fourth-year student or resident and this is what they should be doing right now

I’m at my final thought would be is I know it’s boring but you know let’s get it I’m Jim and I would love to our conversation yeah it’s not a big deal this stuff doesn’t have to be expensive which is usually the reason people don’t do it is they think it’s me this big number doesn’t have to be if .

I could just add we really respect your time we know how busy you know these students are and doctors are so we typically start with a half an hour call and do everything I’ll say virtually so this is a really good set up for us because

We we do a similar thing with clients without the video though we do we just share screens this technology’s awesome .

We can feel like you know someone get-get-get meet meet people and just keep things moving you know the you know I talked with Rob Montgomery my podcast partner and you know he’s you know he’s been through the world of