Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

  • Also, the annual maximum benefit for general dentistry and the orthodontic maximum lifetime benefit for Orthodontics are separate and do not affect each other.
  • In other words, if you use a tooth for a tooth extraction, your correction coverage is not reduced. At the same time, the insurance company paid $1000 for the teeth, which does not affect the coverage of your teeth or crowns.
  • If you want to buy dental insurance, it is best to buy group insurance from schools or companies. There are currently fewer companies that offer personal dental insurance on the market.
  • Basic dental care can be covered, but no corrections are included. Specifically, you can consult major dental insurance companies such as Metlife, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, and Delta.


Everyone is out of the country, what is the medical claim?


  • The cause is that I have inflammation in the pulp of foreign countries and I have to do root canal treatment. When I was in China, I bought global travel insurance from Zhi Xing, and the medical insurance coverage was 40w.
  • Now people are still abroad, because the tooth inflammation had to do root canal treatment some time ago, foreign dentists are notoriously expensive.
  • then I called the insurance phone to explain to me that this is an outpatient accident insurance, if you have to see the dentist must also be out .
  • Accidental tooth damage, and will only pay for the damaged medical expenses, such as your teeth broken, go to the hospital to prevent inflammation of the insurance package.
  • But you have to be worth a tooth is no longer within the scope. But is the inflammation of the pulp not an accident?


  • Who can plan to get sick?


  • So I think either my Insurance bought the wrong, there is the domestic Insurance companies such travel medical insurance is entirely a pit.
  • Additional personal travel medical and related expenses insurance clauses: 1. Medical expenses compensation insurance premiums during the validity period of this other contract,