Best Things About Full coverage dental insurance

 Best Things About Full coverage dental insurance

We also going to discuss erosion abrasion and Val poor conditions carries is basically the localized destruction of tissues of the teeth by bacterial fermentation of dietary carbohydrates.

It is a chronic and doggedness infection that is caused by members of the normal hola flora the result of the carries process the caries lesion is a manifestation of the generalization of enamel Denton and cementum the development of carries is a multi factorial diseases.

That is dependent on four aspects the most important one is the development of the bacterial plaque which sets the carries in motion the second one is the quality and quantity of the salivary flow the third aspect is the presence of minerals.

Such as fluoride and the fourth aspect that you need  to consider is the quality of nutrition carries is definitely associated with diet which is rich in refined carbohydrates and is associated with foods which are sticky to the tooth structure carries can affect both.

The baby teeth or the deciduous teeth as well as permanent teeth and carries can also develop in different location on the tooth there are carries which develop in the pit and fissure carries sometimes referred to as a clue so carries they can also develop on.


The smooth surfaces on the teeth either in between the teeth known as inter proximal and also on root surfaces of the teeth those carries on root surfaces generally develop in more in older age pit and fissure carries can start developing actually within days of tooth eruption providing the diet is rich in suitable carbohydrates and begin.

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